Light Flow




    This is the lightest game that you can imagine. What are you waiting for? Urgent include Light Flow! It is an exciting puzzle game where you control the led light. Want to add a light?

    Start winning because true figure light and interesting ischezayut.Vam led light and make your phone screen is very beautiful? Then you have this interesting game. Use the new proposal for mobile devices based on Android. Note the interesting game Light Flow!

    Here you need to think a bit to create the right composition of the figures.
    Game Light Flow lines appear led light. Look carefully, maybe some pieces need to turn. And then they will give you a led light. Light the lamps and win. This game on your mobile device will be distracted during the workday and relax anywhere. It's a terrific workout speed and attention! It's time to light the lamps and win!

    Light Flow will teach you to apply your care! Light up all the lights! A fun game with simple gameplay and love for children and adults.

    To be a winner Light Flow, you need to try and be considerate. But you can do it ! Keep looking for new songs and train your attentiveness!