Limes Attack




    Go up and down to escape the endless attack of the limes !
    The tension between limes and lemons has never been so juicy !

    Test your reflexes with Limes Attack, collect coins, unlock new characters, overcome challenging achievements, and challenge your friends with the rankings !

    The chasing limes get more and more angry and the game is more and more difficult as you reach high scores. The fleshy blue and pulpy red limes run fast and are really difficult to dodge !

    This free arcade game will make you love lemons & limes, and other fantastic citrus fruit we created. We don't really know what they are, some of them look like radioactive oranges, others like GMO watermelons... You can even face the limes with... a lime !

    Fierce obstacles to avoid (green, blue and red limes)... can you duck them ?
    More than 10 succulent lemons characters to unlock with coins (mini baby lemons)
    Challenging achievements
    Global leaderboards - Beat your friends’ scores !
    Test your reflexes with 2 buttons
    And a lot more to come as we upgrade the game :-)

    Don't be a lemonade, join the fruity race and send us feedback !

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