The No. 1 famous Fantasy Golf game has gone mobile! Let’s have fun with LINE PANGYA in an all new Mobile version NOW!

    Various modes and function awaits you.

    [Modify/Upgrade Characters and Equipment]
    Astonishing characters, costumes, clubs, and equipment. Choose your style and upgrade to become a stylish master at your game.

    [Story Mode]
    Participate in the exciting tale of new traveler group, Marr, Arin and Tiki on an adventure to purify the world from a curse that has covered PANGYA island! What will happen next? Who else will join them? Keep following their group!

    [PvP Mode]
    Compete one-on-one hole by hole with Real Time PvP System.
    Let’s see who will come out on top!? And you can compete with friends to show how good you are!

    [Tournament Mode]
    Enjoy yourself with the 30-person competition mode! Show your skill, get rewards and aim for Top Ranking!

    [Mini Game and Challenges]
    Not enough features? We also have more Mini Games and Challenges for you to complete.

    Transform into a wizard of PANGYA world! Use items and craft new costumes and clubs that you want! It’s gonna be a bit chaotic in the lab, but believe me – It’s Fun!

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    Users comments for LINE PANGYA

    Tewich Masuchero

    by Tewich Masuchero

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "Awesome"


    Aiem Cool

    by Aiem Cool

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "Poor"

    Freeze and lag spike in pvp Stupidly using 3 char + spin/curve is skill of specific charcter Good already very fatal with lag spike not even good will hit bad everytime play this game in pvp My phone OnePlus 3 with 6gb ram... Fix ur fxking server

    Kee Zhi Han

    by Kee Zhi Han

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "OK"

    Revisit review. Pro: 1.Daily mission include free gacha ticket. 2.Break down every game mechanic offered in other pangya title into unlockable skills.(clap* clap*) Con: 1.Game mechanic might be tweaked to make the character type be more appealing. example: 1)beam impact is removed to made tiki unique as her third skill is literally that. 2) putting fiction overcome slope boost might be due to emphasis the usefulness of passive skill for putting type. 2.There would be meta characters(currently arin might be the weakest if player good at putting. Her stats are weak too. But 240p cap might made it not matter except for skill usage) 3. Capped club distance at 240. Unlocked with caddie... 4.overpriced cash item/gacha (30 - 1xxSGD) 5. Poor optimaization. Lag in pvp not fixed.loading too long.gaphic changed only affect texture resolution. Effect still laggy. 6.Pangya shot seem super inaccurate.1m tail wind, fairway,zero ball slope and shot fly left or right. 7. No trading or chat room mode. 8. More resources spend due to three characters team and club bound to characters. Overall, still disappointed in this game. There's no way to fix for the character type feature/whole game mechanic until next game.

    Kelvin William Chandra

    by Kelvin William Chandra

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "Poor"

    I still think its bad. First u must know its diffrent from pc. Pc using 1 charather to play but in here u must 3 characther and every characther had specialist. If u wanted to use change 1 characther u just got 1 chance only then if u wanna change again, u must buy ur caddy with ur real money. Then u must know, in pc u just need stick golf for every characther to use but here u must find the stick golf to use to charachter and another characther cant use the same with other characther. That game design is bad i dont like it.

    Ferrel Christopher

    by Ferrel Christopher

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "Good"

    PvP mode is lagging , and somehow pangya shot is not guaranteed​ that you can hit the exact spot you wanted , that's lame

    Budi Handuk

    by Budi Handuk

    Feb 17, 2018  |  "Poor"

    good game but bad marketing, better to look like get rich, they gives free good gacha in event, or in first time, this marketing drain our money vainly, and the putting with pangya bar it drives us crazy, also need to have good character in next map want us to do gacha soo badly