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    Published: 2014-06-03, by Peter Warrior.

    μ's (muses) official musical management game

    • Above average music game with official Muses songs and voiceovers
    • Array of management options
    • Lovely anime look and feeling
    • Free, no ads
    • Odd translations and UI maze
    • Absolutely not for everyone

    "Love Live and Sing Along"

    School Idol is essentially a music game, but also somehow a crew management game with winks to dating games. It's the first KLAB game to be downloaded and played in English, and know beforehand that it hasn't anything to do to Western gaming. Regardless of its innocent schoolgirl anime looks, it's a deep game requiring hours to learn the ropes.

    The game is divided into music events, where your group of pop idols tries to win over the audience to get new alumni to their bankrupted high school; and everything else, which includes tactical choices to select who will be in the frontline, who gets along with whom and go shopping and unwrap presents from your fans.

    Those music events are much like "classic" music games, if such thing exists, and you have to tap following a given rhythm. The rest is raw management, and a little bit of UI maze, by the way.

    Anyway, it's a complex, complete game, tie-in with a famous Japanese Pop Group. Suited both for otakus, Eastern gamers and players with curiosity for something new and shiny coming from overseas.

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    by Peter , Appszoom

    Jun 03, 2014


    A massive hit game app in Japan, now available worldwide!

    Featuring Aqours and μ's from the Love Live! series, as well as game-original characters. Support the school idols and help them make their dreams come true!

    Simple and fun to play. Just tap to the rhythm!

    ----- Original Rhythm Action ——
    Live shows are performed by tapping the screen to the rhythm. Better timing can earn you higher scores. String combos together to gain even more points!

    There are over 80 original songs to choose from.

    ----- Create Your Own Team ——
    You can pick and create your own teams from Aqours, μ's and many more original members.

    Create teams best suited to your favorite songs or events, or just with your favorite members. It's all up to you!

    ------Improve Your Members———
    Improve your team members by "Practice." The better they get, the greater their performance scores will be!

    When you "Special Practice" two of the same member, they become idolized with cuter costumes.

    ------Full Stories With the Official Anime Voice Actresses———
    The main story is fully voiced by the original Aqours and μ's voice cast.

    ------Side Stories for Each Member———
    Each and every member has their own story to tell. Deepen the bond with them to unlock the side stories.

    Side stories of Aqours and μ's members are also fully voiced by the anime series voice cast!

    ------About App Permissions———
    App permissions must be given for the app to access your location, should such information be necessary during future in-game events. Outside of these specific events, the game will not have any access to location services.

    ***Recommended screen resolution***
    640 by 360 pixels or higher

    (This game is not supported on rooted devices.)

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