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    Published: 2014-05-20, by .

    Tap the screen to change the polarity and avoid all the obstacles

    • Extremely fun and challenging
    • Addictive
    • Outstanding graphics

    "Magnetic Sides"

    MAGNETOID is a colorful runner arcade for quick minds and fast fingers!

    How to play? Tap the screen to change the polarity, collect batteries to fill the boost and swipe the screen to make the most of your boost. The only objective in MAGNETOID is to survive for as long as possible and keep going up forever... if you manage to dodge all the obstacles appearing in the way.

    The gameplay is incredibly fast-paced, so you might need a few tries before you actually get the hang of the controls and learn how everything works. The challenge is present from the very beginning, as it's probable you end up dying in the first few meters, but you don't need to get frustrated (yet!).

    Unlock some achievements and enjoy the wonderful and smooth graphics introduced in this game.

    Room 247 Studio is the developer of MAGNETOID, a well-crafted and challenging new arcade with an impressive retro design and a gameplay that will keep you addicted instantly.

    Totally recommended, it's thrilling!

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    Anna Appszoom logo

    by Anna , Appszoom

    May 20, 2014


    Magnetoid is a super­fast endless runner powered by magnetism with retro pixel graphics.

    Let's face it. We all are bored by flapping birds, cutting the rope or fighting off zombies with plants. Why don't you try something a bit more exciting, like... destroying the world? For FREE!

    Too much effort? Puh­lease! All you need to do is tap your phone! You don't even need to get off the toilet. Now, if that isn't every crazy villan's dream, I don't know what is.Your evil robot rises to the top, while humanity is going the hell down! What's that? Regular runners are not cool enough for you? Well, this one got freaking magnetic powers! Tap your screen to switch polarity and avoid obstacles in an ever accelerating danger zone and see how fit you are for world domination.

    Game features:

    - Magnetic powers (Seriously. We could stop this list right here)
    - Endless runner
    ­- One­Tap control
    ­- One bro of the Magnet­O­Bros
    ­- Retro pixel graphics
    ­- Sound by Awww Design
    ­- Achievements (I know, right?)
    ­- Guaranteed YOLO­free zone
    ­- FREE APP
    ­- No Ads
    ­- No permissions


    1. Click on the install button
    2. Accept the notice (we don’t want your data anyway)
    3. Shake your booty*
    4. Close other applications that are running or restart your device
    5. Start the game

    * shaking your booty doesn’t enhance the installation but we are sure it looks nice.

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