Match 11




    Greeting From Nepal!!
    This is my first android game :).

    It is a simple card game played by 1 deck of card. 12 cards are first placed in the floor. Player should find a pair of two cards whose sum is 11 (like 1 and 10, 2 and 9, 3 and 8 etc.) and place a card on top of each matching card.

    Face card value is always greater than 10 and it can not be matched with any other card to make 11 so if face card appears, it will be disabled. However, If there are any face card in first 12 cards it can be replaced by other cards.

    You will win the game when all the cards are finished by matching 11. On wining the game all 12 face cards will be on the top.

    However, like many card games, all games cannot be won. If there is no matching pair and no face card to replace the game will be over and you have to restart the game.

    Very few can complete this game under 30 seconds and only the fastest of brain can complete it under 25 secs. So Good Luck!!

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