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    Math Monsters is a great game designed to help and encourage children and adults to improve their maths. By making it enjoyable, they will become better at Math without even realising, and have fun along the way! This game is designed for ages 6 and older; the questions get progressively harder, so even adults will eventually find it challenging!

    The aim is to get to the end of each level; you can shoot at the monsters by entering the answer to one of the sums. If you get it right, you will shoot the weapon linked to the question. Different weapons are available, but the better and more powerful the weapon, the harder the sum! If you get to the end of the level, you go onto the next level, which has harder sums and more monsters. If any monsters manage to reach you, it's game over!

    If you have any problems, queries or suggestions, please email me at I promise to reply to all emails.


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