Mathris's review

    Published: 2018-01-31, by .

    Add, subtract and calculate fast in this original counting game

    • Addictive and original
    • Various game modes
    • Brain trainning
    • The soundtrack can be a bit flat sometimes

    "Count on the fun!"


    Give your brain a nice workout and have a great time while doing it. Mathris is here to make you count the boredom away. It works very easily. The numbers fall down on the screen and you just have to select the ones you need by touching them. The goal is to reach a certain number given you by the game on each level. The amounts will be added or subtracted depending on the symbol appearing on the side. The numbers you don't pick will pile up on the bottom. If you are too slow and the pile gets too high... You lose!


    It is a very addictive original idea and a very smooth gaming experience. The layout is simple and yet attractive, you can also customize it by leveling up. Mathris includes three different game modes: Classic, Endless, and Challenge. The app also registers your scores to help you keep track of your calculating progress. Quick game to kill time anywhere.


    If you don't like numbers, don't bother downloading the app. Sound effects are clear and useful but the music is a bit bland. It could have been even more exciting with a faster soundtrack.

    Christian M

    by Christian M

    Jan 31, 2018


    Mathris is an addictive number-based game where you have to think quick. You have a limited time to reach the target number using given numbers that keep stacking up, and operators that keep changing.

    You will also encounter power-ups that will buy you a couple of seconds and give you advantage to think your next move or two carefully.

    As you progress, you will be able to trade the points you earn for unlocking various awesome-looking skins.

    Apart from the 45 levels available in Classic Mode, you will be able to test your skills in Endless Modes as well.

    Do your best to finish the levels as fast as you can and you will be rewarded with awesome achievements!

    The scores you get after finishing a level add up to your total score that determines your leaderboard position.

    Who said that practicing math has to be boring and dull?
    Have fun boosting your mathematics and dexterity skills!

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