Matthias Winter




    Matthias Winter-App with "Tamagotchi"-Function:

    You have to feed Matthias and give him something to drink regularly to keep him alive.
    Unhealthy food and alcohol can make Matthias ill. The risk that he becomes ill can only be decreased by giving him salad or water. If he becomes ill, you'll get a notification, on which you can make him well again. If you do nothing, he will die after an hour.
    Matthias needs alcohol regularly. If he has been drinking no alcohol for a long time, he is being dried out, which can be fatal for him. The longer he is being dried out, the greater the risk that he will die. If his alcohol level reaches 0.0 or more than 5.99, he will die within an hour. At high alcohol levels, he can fall into a coma (appears on notification). Here you can select between different actions that can make him wake up from his coma. If you do nothing within an hour, he might die.
    After he died, you can submit your score to the online-highscores.

    In addition this app provides the following features:
    - Live online highscores
    - Original sounds of Matthias Winter

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