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    Published: 2014-04-29, by .

    Improve your memory and have fun challenging yourself

    • Great idea
    • Great idea

    "Rainbow Mind"

    Memory Rainbow is a challenging puzzle game that is set to improve your memory skills in a pretty entertained way.

    What's the objective? Simply, change all the squares in the grid to the same color within the minimum number of moves. However, the process isn't as easy as it seems.

    Choose your difficulty level and begin to exercise your memory: select your preferred grid, memorize it and tap the Hide button to mark all the squares in grey and try to complete the selected pattern by tapping on the squares to change their color (following the rainbow order: red, yellow, green, blue).

    The idea is fresh and actually makes you think, so we'd definitely recommend it for those who want a fun and educational game to improve their memory.

    d14studios is the developer of Memory Rainbow with the easy level for free and a premium version with the complete game.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Apr 29, 2014


    Welcome to Memory Rainbow! An excellent game to exercise and improve your memory or to challenge a friend.

    The goal of the game is to change all the squares in the grid to the same color with the minimum number of moves (or trials). There are four difficulty levels to choose from, each with its own statistics data.

    After you have selected the level you want to play, simply press to mix the squares. When you like the pattern you see, quickly press and then press . You will then be taken to the game screen. Here, after analyzing the pattern carefully, choose the color you want to get to and press . All the squares will turn grey at this point. Now, each time you press a square a confirmation beep will be emitted and the color of that square will change (in the background) according to the rainbow colors. For example, one tap on a red square (hidden by a grey square) will change it to yellow. Two taps to green and three taps to blue. A blue square will "wrap-around" to become red after one tap and so on.

    Remember the rainbow colors pattern: red-yellow-green-blue (and wrap-around).

    Depending on the pattern you got after a shuffle, you decide what color you want to change all the squares to. When you think you have got it right (or almost right), press the button.

    When all the squares are of the same color, the game is completed and the total number of moves will be indicated and saved in the statistics window. Obviously, the lower the number, the better!

    When you want to start a new game or abandon what you have done and start over with a new pattern, simply press the button.

    The game comes with the "easy" level for free. If you would like to try the more advanced levels, they can all be unlocked at the same time for the low fee of $0.99.

    We hope that you will enjoy Memory Rainbow!

    You can use the buttons in the game or the back key of your device to navigate through screens.

    When a popup window opens, simply tap on the window to close it.

    There is absolutely no advertisement in this game.

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