Memory7 is a challenging memory game with many different levels which you and your family will definitely love.
    This game is the best way to improve your brain by training your working memory (short-term) which is linked to IQ and overall brain health.

    How to play: We're going to show you for 3 seconds the bumpers. It's your job to store their position in your short term memory. After, we hide them and we will show you the red ball. Based on your memory of the bumpers you have to decide where the ball will land.

    Major Features:
    * Simple, intuitive and minimalistic interface which is easy to use and easy to play
    * Retina display graphics
    * Tracking High Scores
    * Over the air multiplayer

    Your Benefits:
    * Train your working memory
    * Improve short term memory
    * Concentration improvement
    * Developing of the cognition skills

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