Published: 2014-05-05, by Peter Warrior.

    An active defense game based on Metal Slug franchise

    • Metal-Slug-abilia
    • Challenging and thrilling gameplay
    • Free, with in-app purchases
    • Not suited for newcomers to action gaming
    • We'd like even more units and fan service
    • Sluggish animations and technical performance

    "A dromedary! My kingdom for a dromedary!"

    First off, this game answers positively two key questions about SNK: one about if SNK would ever release a freemium game; and two about if it'd be able to launch a true native mobile game instead of ports of their well-known arcade and console games. Therefore, yes to both.

    There's a third hidden question, though, given the "defense" nature of this game. We wondered about if SNK would bring something new to the defense gaming, and although it doesn't reinvent a thing, results are more than satisfactory, and the wi-fi versus battles are the cherry on top.

    Graphics are, well, Metal-Slug-like, which has always been awesome since the NeoGeo days. Indeed, backgrounds and sprites have been blatantly reused. Same goes for the sound and music, a match-n-remix of oldies but goodies soundtracks and effects.

    Gameplay deserves special attention. It's based on the time management formula, choosing between accumulating money to summon waves and make massive upgrades or recruiting as soon as you have money to make a dropdripping, accurate offensive. As many troops have special abilities that must be individual and manually activated, don't expect to pay not attention to the battlefield and focus on the recruitment, as it won't work in either way.

    The solo campaign is divided into continents, and feels quite faithful to Metal Slug lore (in case there's such). Gameplay sometimes feels a little bit hurried and chaotic, but it will lure both defense and Metal Slug fans alike for sure, because it's a really good defense game, thrilling and challenging and without obscene in-app purchases.


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    May 05, 2014


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