Miami Crime Bank Robbery




    Professional robbers have planned a new bank robbery. Play the most thrilling grand bank robbery master action packed game. Bank heist is the miami crime while employees and usually by standers are subjected to force violence or the threat of violence Police squad cars arrived at the miami crime scene to capture criminals & gangster. Prepare for grand clash of police squad and robbers in wildest miami criminal lord chase counter assault game. Keep firing rifle and kill all officers of the police to escape. A large group of miami crime squad is going to rush the bank in USA, they are subjected to loot the entire bank. They can harm the civilians out there in the miami. Being a member of gangster miami crime city squad we selected you to accomplish this mission, Equip yourself with highly modified weapons to save the robbery and the civilians too. Enjoy this criminal simulation game you will learn these streets are hard. Streets of Miami are ruled by different criminals & mafia gangster. Gangsters group has planned a grand bank robbery master to steal cash, gold and diamonds. Drive super fast cars to city bank and steal money in grand robbery. Park outside and start shooting security guards.

    Play this newest grand robbery master game and plot your runaway escape from city police. Seek vendetta by killing cops and eliminate law enforcement for their cunning activities. Explore huge urban sprawl ranging from glitz to ghetto, from beach to the swamps in this city crime simulator game. Enjoy exciting robbery master missions and intriguing storyline as it unfolds mad crime stories. Be cruel and involve thrilling action in town police vs bank robber’s missions. Prepare for epic clash of cops and robbers in wildest criminal chase. Keep firing rifle and kill all officers of the law. Beware of sneaky police dog chase in mad city of criminal. Try escaping from even the narrowest ways. Police squad strike them hard to catch. Give them a hard time jailbreak prison escape challenge. You would need to take a real rival action & assault shooter with your weapons against these ruthless gangsters. After successful robbery master and gold heist whatever happens just get away from chasing police cars. This is an epic bank robbery scene case you have to complete all clash missions to be on top in this survival game!

    Special Features
    Amazing 3D City & Bank Environment
    Different Combating Tools
    Smooth and intuitive controls
    Stunning & High Quality 3D Graphics
    Assault Rifle shooting and baton fighting
    Thrilling and challenging Car Driving Missions
    Easy and fun to play
    Interesting Game Play

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