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    Mime & Drink : Alcohol game

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    Mime & Drink : Alcohol game's review

    Published: 2018-01-03, by .

    A fun drinking game for playing with your friends

    • It's hilarious
    • Excellent, flawless design
    • Easy to learn
    • Limited cards

    "Who's the better mime?"


    Mime & Drink is a fun party game for adults that is perfect for playing with your friends (or with your family if you dare...). Overall, this is a fun and engaging app that will provide a fun time for everyone. If you love mime games and competition against friends, this is an ideal entertainment for you.

    What you need to do: read the instructions out loud and divide the group into two smaller ones that will be randomly named. After that, a member of each team will need to mime a sentence for their group to guess (and if they do, the opponents will drink).


    You can play with only one device, so it's not uncomfortable when there are a lot of players on the same room. In addition, Mime & Drink can be hilarious and the interface design is simply wonderful. The visual effects are amazing and the app looks professional and presents no apparent issues whatsoever.


    The game only includes 40 different cards, so if you play it for a while, the sentences will start to appear more than once. The other licenses are premium, so you need to pay in other to use new cards -or you can decide to unlock the full game-.

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    by Ana , Appszoom

    Jan 03, 2018


    Divide all your guests into two groups, no matter how many, and fight ruthlessly in a hilarious and zany game that will set your party on fire!


    Requires only one device for all participants!
    Place it on a stable stand facing all your guests, who can position themselves as they please in the room.
    Only one person at the same time will have access to the device during the game, and will not need to manipulate it. You will see, it is practical if you are numerous!


    The game works like a game of virtual cards. Placed randomly, they will generate sentences that a person will have to guess to his team to make their opponents drink. Most of the time, these sentences will be very easy to mimic despite their totally twisted and absurd content.
    Some, however, will be real challenges, which I hope will be insurmountable. Give everything you have !!!


    The game is free, provided with 40 cards and 10 teams. You can play with this Deck as much as you like.
    Get a License at your convenience to unlock all new cards, and put the ones you already know on standby.
    You can also unlock the full game with all the cards for a better gaming experience!


    Share the highlights of your holiday with the hashtag #mimedrink with the gaming community on Facebook or Twitter! Remember to set the privacy on "public" if you want to be visible!

    For technical assistance, contact me on the mailbox "".


    Have fun !!

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