Mini Game Hurricane! Demo




    Mini Game Hurricane! is a game about agility and reflexes.
    In this demo version, with 10 fun mini-games, ranging from steering a glider in high speed at a canyon to making a cheese burger in less than a few seconds, your skills will be put to the test in an increasingly fast pace!

    Each match consists of some random mini-games that start at slow speed. A brief sentence appears on the screen giving a clue about what have to be done and you must quickly find out what and how to do in about 5 seconds! And if you fail, well you know, game over…


    3D cartoonish graphics on your smartphone / tablet
    Pre-rendered scenarios
    Creative use of Android’s touch interface
    Diverse challenges


    Full version will be made available soon on Google Play, with an increased set of features, more than 30 mini-games and
    a fun two-players mode!
    Keep tracking!

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