Imperial: War of Tomorrow, a mobile strategy game

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    Imperial: War of Tomorrow, a mobile strategy game

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    Think you're clever? Ambitious? We'll see about that! Manage a city state in this captivating strategy game. Build your base, train your troops, and make your army the best. Research new tech, create an alliance, and battle thousands of players from around the world!

    All with great graphics and exciting gameplay in a post-apocalyptic world.

    Welcome to a world destroyed. War reigns over all. The map is split into opposing factions made of many alliances and armies. In this military strategy game, you join one of the factions, gather powerful allies into an invincible alliance, and fight for global domination. Show the world the might of your army!

    The modern military strategy game Imperial is set in 2050. Economic catastrophe and global conflict engulfed all states and alliances, bringing the world to the edge of chaos. Armies and military might became the only force of change.

    Imperial is a global modern military strategy game with MMORPG elements. Build an impregnable base, equip your army with terrifying weapons, and create a mighty alliance to dominate the real world map. To strengthen your army, you must research new gear, tech, and vehicles and train new troops. Your army and your military strategy are key, but you also need a strong general, who you can equip and train to make your army and strategy even more powerful! Beyond a mighty army and military strategy, you can form an alliance with other players to take your game to the next level. Develop and use your charismatic and cognitive skills in your alliance – after all, one army and military strategy is nice, but the same army and strategy wielded by hundreds of players in a powerful alliance is something else entirely! Join an alliance you like or create your own to experience cooperative gaming and the practice of leadership.

    Military strategy games are for smart people. They develop intelligence, logical thinking, and the ability to think one step ahead, to predict the future. The modern military strategy game Imperial is a simulator, a strategy game, and an MMORPG with PvP elements. Like all the best military strategy games, Imperial helps you understand war, armies, governance, strategy, and economics. Every army needs a strong leader who can think clearly, who can assemble like-minded people around them, who can forge a powerful alliance as unified as a single army fighting to achieve its goals. Military strategy is more than just a phrase. It is a way of thinking that affects every area of your life. After all, when your army and alliance respect you in time of war and your military strategy succeeds, then you are sure to achieve your goals in times of peace, too.

    Game features:

    • Imperial is a modern military strategy game featuring a great war on a real-world map. Lead the people of your native land to world domination!
    • Like the best modern military strategy games, Imperial has cutting-edge graphics. Imperial: War of Tomorrow uses the latest technical capabilities of 2017's mobile devices. The results are stunning!
    • Imperial is not just a modern military strategy game. It's a big social game, too! Military diplomacy options let you lead your own alliance, join other alliances, chat privately with friends, and pick the military strategy you like best.
    • Imperial's troop units are among the coolest to be found in modern military strategy games. Eighteen types are already available, and more are coming with each update. Each unit is unique, giving you immense flexibility over the make-up of your army. Tweak your way to an invincible force!
    • Imperial is a truly massive multiplayer online modern military strategy game with a huge world. Play today!

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