Modern Air Fighter Gunship Combat: Jet Battle




    " Welcome to Real Modern Air Fighter Gunship combat: Jet Battle Fight 2018

    You the jet fighter pilot jump into an adventure chained planes jet fighter game on the store. Modern Air Fighter Gunship combat: Jet Battle Figh is an ultimate sky war against the enemy airplanes. Jet fighters, turrets, enemy tanks, strange army Commando soldiers, modern Russian fighter, chained planes and jet fighters. The enemies are fully trained and fighting against strange enemies isn’t easy. The enemy jet fighters have occupied most part of your airbase and you need to take it back like a real US super air jet modern battle warrior. Get into your grand ultimate US jet fighter plane and fight back against these chained planes shadow enemies. Destroy their warships like a grand real superhero jet fighter pilot fight. Win the extreme battle by striking and shooting hard from your jet fighter plane and get hold of your airbase again. Keep in mind heavy wild counter strikes from enemy airplanes, machine guns, chained rifles, turret, tanks and strange enemy commandos. Get into destructive air craft gunship battle simulation games of 2017 and battle against countless enemy fighter airplanes, extreme air jet fighters, tanks, turret, choppers, and commandos. Complete this air battle mission as the real superhero survival warrior to be the best air jet fighter warrior of your pilot regiment. This game inducts Helicopter gunship battle in its next level. Though Jet fighting games are not in particular similar with the helicopter gunship battle games. Aircraft gunship battles are deadly but entertaining at the same time. Aircraft gunship battle would manage aircraft battle combat 3d Shooting fighter jet planes in the air. Air force fighters in this gunship simulation air war plane battle game induces each other tactfully and aim to shoot from either gunship strike or warship battle

    Modern Air Fighter Gunship combat: Jet Battle Fight Games 2018 in which you have to subjugate other enemy planes. You will drive your fighter aircraft to fight against enemy fighter chained planes. Come into the battle and show your power as an ace pilot in the battlefield. Jump into the cockpit of your Fighter Plane. In air war shooting games attacking pilot’s jet is very important. Jet Strike fighter equipped with limited missile and air weapons for air war. Jet Strike has a radar and maps for accessing the target area of rival air fighters. Please avoid the enemies strike fighter airplanes, air fighter, chained planes, and air strikes. Modern Air Fighter Gunship combat: Jet Battle Fight has a lot of new features and has three different jet fighter plane to select from the store. Fight through air fighter gunship strike weapons and play the main role of the jet fighter pilot.

    Fly your F16 fighter gunner or F18 fighter jet in this grand amazing flight simulator air attack superhero game, this war is against naval warfare. Fighter jet air strikes against the navy gunship battle are the best war in underwater sea. Combating the navy warship enemies, jet fighter planes, chained planes and drones to fight till the end. Fly like a strange superhero air jet fighter pilot around the enemy field and get control of jet fighter US Air Jet F 18 Fighter plane and enter into the world of thrilling action-packed chained planes air battle where you will face extreme air destruction. Military aircraft are in air, fight for the glory of helicopter regiment jet fighting and lead your fighter jets to take on the enemy’s epic war game. Enjoy chained Planes, warship carriers, jet fighters, navy gunship battle attack and much more.

    Features of Modern Air Fighter Gunship combat: Jet Battle Fight 2018:
    - Latest models of F18 Fighter Jets
    - Realistic gameplay
    - Naval warships gunship battle
    - Easy and smooth controls of the game.
    - Jet plane new physics.
    - Flight Simulator game"

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