Monkey King Kong vs Dinosaurs




    The monkey or King Kong. Have the same characteristics, but King Kong will look even bigger or maybe called.It is similar to the Godzilla. Most live in the jungle, some species have fierce style very prestigious and single.

    The game king kong vs dinosaurs 2. An island created by the small monkey lives full island and King Kong and turtle, big help canal this island from who invaded and chasing.With the power village and word. People and catch food to prevent it. There are trained to fight at school and tower arcade.Come on the island that they live in. But can inside the island,A battles great war in the world. it surpasses the to usurp the territory, to expand the line. The struggle with are the residents on the other side it is the dinosaurs by the invasion, this makes the little monkey. Jump and running trees to escape the invasion of the dinosaurs, some have to run away to hide in a cave. And this was the beginning of a fight between a gorilla with dinosaurs.

    How to play the games, the player must force the King Kong. To prevent the attack. And defense them from entering the city.The city is full of diamonds joe and jelly. To have adventures in the wild by the need to prevent the attacks of the dinosaurs with gunfire and can eat banana monkey game used to be used as a weapon and fighting. By throwing into, and also the special weapon is the ball and balloons blast with violence can throws it away like NPO and quest. By the way, players can collect bananas or coins to bring buy weapons to use again. And when the game started, players can protect by jumping on dinosaurs, boxing, A game do to fun with it another game that friends need to load.

    How to force.
    - click on the King kong left will make the King Kong, jump and flight to keep fruit or coins face.
    - click on the arm, King Kong, right-hand will be hit.
    And when the weapons such as bananas and grenade Or exploding ninja. Items kingdom going up on the right hand side, two channels, if you want to use the press to use immediately.Can play both the junior and kids of man and women wild.

    SEE Mickey Can download for free today.Happy to play.

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