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    Monkeys VS Cookies ... Yes sir! A game Platforms lifetime, of entertaining, of engaging with their own history best animated series. Help our hero 'Cocu monkey' on their journey to discover why some killer cookies have come alive to disturb the peace and harmony that reigned in Platania a realm where monkeys take their lives in peace, a peaceful place that has been involved in a war by an invasion by a kingdom that has appeared from the shadows; Dulzanio, a country in which some cookies threaten to destroy and plunder other countries.

    Dive into a world of fantasy where monkeys live peacefully with other living beings until today...

    A 2D game made in which you must help your hero to destroy your enemies with your bazooka strip-bananas. The gameplay involves passing level to level and in each of them to destroy as many enemies as you can until you get the score required to pass the level helping his weapon and his jumps, all with a gaming system joystick touch panel and touch buttons also.


    Browse frantic levels where you can not distract you for a second. Go through the Aztec jungle where your character lives, travels the desert island including up to Dulzanio to destroy their King.


    Buy more powerful weapons like bazooka or machine gun bananas and specialized and thematic new costumes for our champion and help expel evil more cookies.

    With our dedicated interface to customize the characters will be very easy and intuitive to.

    Compete with your friends for the 1st place and get all the achievements before anyone else.


    Cocu Monkey:

    Main character lover of simple situations but can easily angry and become a real hero if something bothers him, our brave friend is involved in a invasion when someone burned his house and disturb its tranquility. He has taken the way of the primate warrior, don't know the evil crackers whit whom they have problems....

    Prime Monkey (Cocu's brother):

    It is the opposite pole Cocu. He is wimp, restless and always gets involved in problems which then has to solve his brother. It is among the first to see and experience firsthand the great invasion of the cookies.

    Ora Monkey:
    A nervous mechanic that helps Cocu and Prime to dive into deep ocean to looking for a spaceship to bring them to the space.

    Cookie Soldier:

    Cookies created by a dark entity of which nothing is known, only gave them life and an evil personality that pushes them to plunder and conquer everything around them. Watch out friends, they are already here ....

    Dulzanio's King:

    Came out of nowhere with an army of candies behind him, cookies are his specialty. Little else is known about him ...

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