Moopy Cow




    Forget the rest of those flappy Games!

    There is a new COW in town! Named Moopy cow.

    Moopy Cow is a super fun and very addicting app.

    Set in the city of New Orleans Moopy Cow has to fly thru the city and avoid spiders and lamp post to stay alive.

    Grab the falling coins and redeem them to continue game play where you left off when Moopy gets killed.

    Grab medals and after a score of 40 be on the look out for the falling Voodoo Doll! Things change after you grab the doll.

    Easy to play and very addictive and fun for everyone.

    How To Play Moopy Cow

    Tap the screen to make Moopy Cow Flap and Fly Around.

    Fly the Moopy Cow around obstacles and grab falling coins for special bonus.

    - Avoid hitting the hanging spider and the lamp post
    - Repeatedly tap screen to increase altitude.
    - Reach 40 points to get the chance to play a special character
    - Collect medals by getting 10/50/100 points
    - Share the game with your friends!

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