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    Muddy Candy is a simple new fun and extremely challenging game for everyone. To play the game, you will need to collect candy by tapping it before it is halfway immersed in the mud. Be careful though. Not all the candies you collect are good for you. Some candies are bitter and hot. You don't want those candies in your collection.

    A candy can be collected once it hit the mud. You earn a point for each candy you collect and 2 points for any super sweet candy. Also, remember those bitter and hot candies I was talking about? Be careful not to lose your hard earned points by collecting them. All bitter and hot candies are center marked with "X" or "H" and "S" for super sweet ones.

    With the exception of special candies, each candy is worthy 1 point. You earn or lose a point for each candy you collect or fail to collect. For special candies, depending on what level you are playing, Easy being level 1 and Expert being level 4, the hardest, every time you collect a bitter candy, you lose 1 X level point/s. For example, if you collect a bitter candy while playing "Hard" level which is level 3, you will lose 1 X 3 = -3 points. The same rule applies for hot candy. The only difference is, you will lose twice as much. Any point/s you lose counts agains your total earned points. On the other hand, for every super sweet candy you collect or fail to collect, you will earn or lose 2 points.

    The game ends if you lose a certain percentage that is initially set for each level. For "Easy" level, if you lose 10% of your total points, the game ends. This is equivalent of losing 1 point for every 10 points.

    Play Levels and Score:
    Here are the levels and their maximum preset limits:
    10% - Easy. This is equivalent to 10 point for every 100 points.
    5% - Normal. This is equivalent to 5 point for every 100 points.
    1% - Hard. This is equivalent to 1 point for every 100 points.
    0% - Expert. You lose one candy, you are out!

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