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    Hey, we all have favorite foods and certainly whenever we can we are glad to enjoy our favorite foods. Although the mother often cook what we like we still think that she does not even cook what we want too often so it's good to learn to cook and prepare ourselves the lunch or dinner. What do you say? Do you think you could cook pizza? Pizza is a simple recipe and you will definitely be able to prepare the best pizza through this pizza cooking game for kids. This game for girls is very nice and for sure you'll have fun and even teaches you to cook the most delicious pizza.
    Your mother will be thrilled when she will see that you've managed to cook through this pizza cooking game for girls.
    For everything to come out as we planned, please follow all instructions of the game for children.
    Good luck!

    - More than just pizza to cook for you today you have to cook for other people;
    - Certainly like an employee you will be very good;
    - You have to pay attention to what customers want;
    - Prepare the dough for the crust;
    - Prepare the sauce;
    - Add spices;
    - Do not forget to add cheese;
    - Enter pizza in the oven and wait a few minutes;
    - Pizza is ready, your clients is happy;
    - Do not forget that you need to know prices;
    - Every client wants pizza with different ingredients;
    - Be very careful;
    - Surely you do well;

    Thank you for help, you're definitely employee of the year. Please come back every day to help us through this game for kids.

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