Naughty Kittens




    *** STORY ***
    There is no one at the home and the home is guarded by an angry dog. Mr Cat saw Mrs Cat crying and ask her what happened. Finally, Mr Cat realise that she’s hungry and there’s no way for her to reach the milk bottles guarded by the dog.

    Help Mr Cat to be able to collect milk bottles for his madam and let their relationship goes stronger. Solve the puzzles and have fun.

    - Drag the cat with your finger to shoot at the direction.
    - Make sure you collect all the milk bottles.
    - Sometimes you have to avoid or break the obstacles to hit the dog.
    - Hit the dog with the firecat to win the level.

    *** GAME FEATURES ***
    -100 + levels in 5 different environments.
    -Easy to play puzzle game.
    -Different puzzles to solve across all the levels.
    -Get hours of fun for free.

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