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    Pregnant mommy is waiting for the doctor to get her little baby delivered in the hospital. Aha! The pregnancy period pain is over and here comes a little newborn baby. Lets have a look if it’s a girl or a boy. This cute little kid needs attention and surgery treatment at your hospital. Get help from a friendly nurse and be a professional doctor to take care of him. The little princess girl or prince boy is dirty, hungry and sick. First medical checkup recorded by an emergency doctor on the way in the ambulance says that he needs proper care. Help mommies take good care of their babies. Newborn Baby Care & Surgery allows you to take care of injured toddlers with surgery, injection and medicines. Bathe him well to clean him up and dress him with clean clothes. Feed them food.

    Treat injuries, apply injection simulator on buttocks, change diapers, give spa salon treatment, cleaning and dress up in Newborn Baby Care & Surgery games. It’s a blend of doctor games and salon games. Enjoy the time of after pregnancy period to get to know all the babysitting techniques. Enjoy an exciting journey of pregnant mommy and new born care from parenthood with these beautiful mommies preparing for birth or deliver newborn. These little newborn need your love and attention once the pretty mommy's get their babies born. Provide medical aid to the little ones. Keep a check on their heart beat, breathing, tablet in-take and dress up. Have fun with the maternity doctor games & surgery simulator games! An ultimate newborn care with the new mom! She doesn’t know about the bathing and baby showers. She says: “Please help me dressup my child”. Can you look after him like the royal baby? Deal with a single kid now, you won’t be able to handle the twins. Royal Mommy and daddy were the high school sweethearts. After their royal wedding, mommy got pregnant with a cute little baby. Become a newborn baby doctor to look after her new born child. Play as a maternity doctor, a friend or a baby sitter. WOW! This is an absolute love story of a mommy's new baby and herself.

    These newborn baby apps and mommy gives birth games are quite fun to play. You too can have fun to bathe, feed and dress up the new born just now at the hospital. Once the doctor check-up the baby, they can go home. Enjoy mommy and baby care in ultimate maternity doctor newborn baby games.

    Newborn Baby Care & Surgery features:
    √ After pregnancy period when the little one is born
    √ Surgery simulator treatments
    √ Check up, Injection & medicines
    √ Salon treatments to clean up
    √ Change diaper
    √ Dress him up

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