NovaDrive Full Free




    Revolutionize space with NovaDrive! You and your crew developed an amazing new technology that ties your warp drive directly into your shield. This way when you blow up you automatically warp to a safe location and don't die. This game has been designed around randomness and is broken up into several ways to play. All you need to do is ask yourself a few questions: "Do I like to blow things up?" and "Do I like loot?" If either of those answers are a yes, you will have a blast playing NovaDrive.

    - Who doesn't like to blow things up?
    - Real sense of progression.
    - Three types of ships with distinct main weapons and special abilities.
    - Randomly generated loot.
    - Captain levels to increase the stats that fit your play style.
    - Tier-based combat, no scripted fights.
    - Never get stuck on a specific level again. If you die, go back, get better gear and come back swinging!
    - Conquest mode is a structured fight with progression in difficulty.
    - Onslaught is exactly what it sounds like, how long can you stand against the foe?
    - Item slots: main weapon, secondary weapon, shield, and power plant.
    - Google Plus integration.
    - Achievements and leadership boards: see where you rate among your friends and the general population at large.

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