One For All - Free colorful endless puzzle game




    One For All is a colorful endless puzzle game.
    Resolve challenging puzzle to unlock new levels.
    Some levels might seems hard, but don' t worry ! In fact you can' t lose in any way cause the game is like Rubik's cube: There is always a way to solve it.. with a little of patience..
    If you still have problems cause the generated levelis too hard, you can always use some Help funcions to reset che current level or regenerate another one.
    You can play at One For All whenever you want, we will save all your progress !
    Unlock new levels, grid's size and colors to create custom games and beat your friends record.


    - Story Mode: solve challenging puzzles by changing the block's color.
    - Custom Levels: solving a typology of puzzle you will unlock it on custom mode, so that you can replay you favourite ones.
    - Helps: if the generated puzzle is too hard you can call help


    - Reset level: delete all your moves and mistakes made and restart the current level
    - Rebuild Level: some times resetting is not enough. You can then recreate another similar level.. Maybe this one will be easier?..


    - Every level has its own grid: harder levels have bigger game grid.
    - Every level has a number of colors: early levels have only 3 colors, completing them will unlock new colors.

    Grid sizes:

    - 3 x 3
    - 4 x 4
    - 5 x 5
    - 6 x 6
    - 7 x 7

    Number of colors in a level:

    - 2 colori
    - 3 colori
    - 4 colori
    - 5 colori

    Come giocare a One For All:

    - Usa il movimento di trascinamento (swipe) per muoverti.
    - Puoi muovere in tutte le direzioni ma non puoi tornare alla precedente posizione.
    - Muoversi in una casella le fa cambiare colore.
    - Colora tutta la griglia di gioco dello stesso colore, da qui il nome.. One For All !

    How to play to One For All:

    - Swipe to move to a new position and change its color.
    - You can move in all directions but you can' t return to your last position.
    - Moving in a new block will change its color.
    - Make all the grid with the same color, cause... you know.. One For All !

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