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    Onirim - Solitaire Card Game

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    Published: 2017-04-13, by .

    Onirim provides an exciting and challenging twist on classic Solitaire

    • Great cartoony visuals
    • Wonderful soundtrack
    • Deep and challenging Solitaire game
    • No tutorial at all
    • Not for casuals and beginners
    • Complicated rules

    "Escape the dream"


    Lost in a mysterious labyrinth, you’ll play as a dreamwalker who must discover the oneiric doors before your dreamtime runs out. Welcome to Onirim: Solitaire Card Game for the iOS and Android. To play, simply gather the eight oneiric doors before time runs out as well as the deck, or you’ll lose, staying stuck in the dream forever. Simply play the card you’ll need by tapping and dragging onto the board. However, make the right choices, and make them fast, as Nightmares will appear and force you to discard your cards. Play quick, play smart, and escape the dream.


    Onirim provides great cartoony visuals, a wonderful soundtrack, and a deep and challenging Solitaire game for those willing to invest the time to learn how to master this game.


    To say Onirim isn’t for casuals or beginners is an understatement; there’s no tutorial, and to find out how to play, you’ll need to do a lot of reading to figure out the game’s complicated rules.

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    Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

    Apr 13, 2017


    A Golden Geek Best Solo Board Game Nominee, Onirim is a card game where you play as a Dreamwalker, lost in a mysterious labyrinth, and you must discover the oneiric doors before your dreamtime runs out - or you will remain trapped forever!

    Wander through the chambers of dreams, hoping that chance will reveal the doors, or linger in each type of room. In either case, you will have to deal with the slithering Nightmares which haunt the hallways of the labyrinth.

    Onirim is a solitaire card game. You must work against the game to gather the eight oneiric doors before the deck runs out. You can obtain door cards either by playing cards of the same color three turns in a row or by discarding one of your powerful key cards when a door appears from the deck. In both cases, you will have to decide the best use of each card in your hand and carefully play around the Nightmares. Those cards are hidden in the deck and will trigger painful dilemmas when drawn.

    In addition to the exciting solo mode, players will enjoy the intuitive user interface, automated deck management, and stats to track their progress and successes against the game!

    Onirim includes:
    • Shadi Torbey's base Onirim game in solitaire mode
    • 2 expansions: The Glyphs (free) & Crossroads and Dead Ends ($0.99)
    • Original artwork from the base game by Philippe Guerin and Elise Plessis, enhanced by animations
    • Solo play
    • Detailed, interactive, turn-by-turn, in-game tutorial
    • Scoring sytem with global leaderboard
    • Offline stats record so you can track your progress
    • Languages available: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

    ***One of my favorite solitaire games! - Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

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