Orbit Legends: Summon Monsters




    Guard your base and attack other people’s creations in real-time 3D gameplay!

    Are you ready to adventure through strange realms, summon creatures and defend your land?

    In Orbit Legends, you are a Summoner exploring a brand new dimension and calling monsters to your aid. Your mission is to create and guard your very own Star Isle whilst conquering other player’s land with your army of creatures.

    What are you waiting for? Join the fun!

    Play by yourself, or battle others online

    Battle bosses and fight the corrupting powers of Chaos in the story-based PVE campaign
    Create your Star Isle and defend it from incoming attacks
    Raid over 1.5 million fortress mazes in PVP online combat with your epic monster army
    Collect new creatures and grow your forces stronger

    Raid maps, build and defend your own

    Use your wits to create and edit maps to fend off opposing players, or, command your army in 3D action gameplay against others.

    Move freely on the map using your tactical logic and strategies to summon creatures to fight for you and defeat your enemies.

    One game, two experiences.

    Build your elite team with hundreds of creatures to choose from

    Hundreds of creatures are available for you to use in battle, each with unique roles to give you the upper hand over your enemies.

    Choose from the agile assassin, the wise mage, the rage-filled destroyer, the helpful healer, the rallying drummer, and many more. All are ready and waiting for your command.

    Creatures on your team also enhance your skills as a Summoner. Choose your creatures wisely for the ultimate power boost during battle with attack, auxiliary, healing, and enemy disturbing skills.

    Venture throughout the realm to gather unique tools and equipment and enhance your own Summoner powers.

    Build your custom Star Isle with the map editor

    Forests, Temples, Deserts, Volcanoes, Snow, and Night; six stunning themes to choose from as you create your unique Star Isle map to defend.

    Use the map tiles to piece together a path, adding guardian creatures and traps to fool your enemies and avoid being conquered.

    Create a guild of your own and do battle with other guilds

    Join a guild and become one of the globe-spanning Summoners fighting towards a common
    goal. Unlock guild objectives and march towards glory in legendary guild vs guild wars!

    Join the fun, play Orbit Legends today!

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