Enjoy playing Liar!!

    Finally comes the famous Liar card game, multiplayer and online totally free. With a very friendly interface and adapted so that they can play users of all the ages.

    With a new scoring system that makes it unique among all table games. This scoring system makes it possible to measure how good or bad a player is in relation to others in the Liar's game.
    Liar is a game room where you can play with other Online players from anywhere in the world.

    Liar (in Spain) or distrust (in Argentina, Uruguay and Canarias) is a game of cards. The number of participants is preferable to be of at least three players and is played with the Spanish deck.

    To play Liar, the entire deck is dealt equally to all players, hiding each card to their opponents. These should try to get rid of all the cards in their possession as soon as possible.

    The player who starts the game deposits one, two or three cards face down and says out loud a combination of cards (all of the same number), and which will be the play he claims to have thrown (eg 1 two, 2 horses, 3 kings, etc.).

    If the next player (who is immediately to his right) believes him, he must continue depositing one or more cards on the table, coinciding in the number of the deck, but not necessarily in the number of cards deposited, explicitly stating how many Are the cards he deposits (for example, "another horse more", or "other two").

    On the contrary, if a player is suspicious of the cards of the previous and decides to verify the veracity of these, he must say it and raise the cards of the previous player. If the play is true, the unbeliever will take all the cards from the pile. If, on the other hand, the unbeliever has been successful in his appreciation, the preceding player will collect all the cards from the pile.

    The player to the right of the player who takes the cards in the previous trick will start to play again.

    The player who loses his cards as soon as possible, the goal of the game is to score points and climb category.

    Optimized for tablet (7 and 10 inches).

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