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    Orthofolie is a fun and original application on the theme of dictation and spelling. So you can train yourself to improve your French while having fun.

    With Orthofolie, you learn to not make any mistakes!

    The object of the game is really simple: write a maximum of words that will be dictated to you without making mistakes! More enchaînerez you the correct answers, the more you progress through the levels.

    You will reach the ultimate level of the game to join the circle of enthusiasts spelling?

    So where do you stand with the French spelling? He Spelling has no secret or remains there a mystery to you? This is what you are going to discover with Orthofolie!

    Remember the good old old dictated where your teacher you dutifully dictated sentences with big words!

    Orthofolie takes somewhat the principle of dictation but not dictating to you ... just words ... the simplest to the most complicated.

    So will you meet the challenge and reach the level of the game 7 (corresponding to complex from our dictionary words)?
    Level 1 being very easy and very hard level 7.

    You can test your spelling in different modes of exercises "Classic" (play for a defined time) or "After" (spell the most words without error).

    No auditor or spell checker will be there to help you. You'll have to use your common sense and has to your knowledge!

    To help you with four bonus present on the game screen:
    - Display half of the word
    - Display number of letters
    - Verification of the word before validating
    - Change password

    To know the rules of the game, we invite you to look directly into the application.

    A game that is for all lovers of the French language, for people who wish to improve their spelling or looking for a French exercise, or simply those who like small games related words and dictations.
    Also great for helping your children to revise writing words. Level 1 Start with your child and understand his problems and help him to better understand the French language.

    Learn spelling is not so complicated with Orthofolie, since you'll have to try to write the word dictated correctly. And the game will act as a spelling and grammar courses without you noticing!
    This is not just another quiz or test on spelling but a very nice game that will really help you improve your French!

    Very few games on spelling promise revision of words, fun and improvement of language! In addition the application is free!

    And feel free to share your score on Facebook (page accessible from the app)

    Come to assess progress and above all have fun with Orthofolie!

    Latest: the game takes into account both the old spelling and spelling corrected in 1990.

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