Ossan cat puzzle




    Insanely addictive puzzle game!
    I am a little bit different from the game of just going by adding the number, such as 2048!
    Aim a complete and high scores are collected in a pretty interesting puzzle "ossan cat" who! !

    [How to play]
    · I move one square the "ossan cat" swipe, the same "ossan cat" each other upon contact, which will become the new "ossan cat".
    · When contacting the "ossan cat" between "continuous combo" in two or more consecutive times, it becomes a continuous combo in, you should be able to proceed advantageously game.
    · The game is over where the same "ossan cat" are adjacent to each other when no longer.
    Aim for a high score to go by contacting the same "ossan cat" each other more and more, to collect all kinds of the "ossan cat".

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