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    Published: 2016-02-05, by .

    Raise your very own pet and provide for them.

    • Easy to Learn
    • Tons of Options
    • Cute Graphics
    • Big App
    • Simplistic

    "Modern Tomagotchi"


    If you can't have a pet in real life, or even if you can, Pakka Pets gives you the chance to raise your own buddy. From birth, you get to take care of, feed, bathe, dress, and provide for your own little pet. There are 60 to choose from, so you will have your choice of the species. As an added bonus, you even decorate a room.


    There's a lot you can do with this game so that you don't ever get bored. There are hundreds of options for almost everything you can do - including decorating, dressing, and feeding. The app itself is extremely colorful and works well. There are hardly any large updates, so you don't have to worry about adding to the data that is already there.


    This one is big, however, so you should be aware of that. It also has some simply visuals that leave something to be desired.

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    by Noel

    Feb 05, 2016


    Collect all the Pakka Pets and build the coolest village! Adorably cute & insanely fun. Use your creativity to design your own unique world and see how many pets you can discover. To build your village, raise pets by crafting magic food, playing games, decorating your home, and going on adventures to explore this cute, bizarre world!

    + Take care of your pet! +
    Choose your egg, hatch and raise a cute virtual pet. Which Pakka Pets will you discover? The choices you make about food, training, attention and adventures determine how each pet evolves and who it becomes. Your pet will eat, poop, and sleep even when you're away.

    + Build your village! +
    In the world of Pakka Pets you get to build your own unique paradise, collecting every pet at once as residents in your village. The bigger the village, the more building materials, portals to new locations & games you’ll unlock.

    + Explore the Pakka city! +
    Take the bus into the big city and go on story adventures. Each pet has their own unique and hilarious hand-written quests full of curiosity and delight.

    + Decorate your room! +
    Design your dream house! Show your style with furniture, windows, wallpaper, maybe even a tire swing!

    + Craft magic foods! +
    Visit the shop or cook food with Chef Mitts! There are hundreds of strange and rare foods, even magic foods that can evolve your pet.

    • 70 Pakka Pets to hatch, evolve & discover
    • Expand your village & unlock materials, portals & games
    • 120+ hand-written story quests
    • Hundreds of cute decorations for your home
    • Create your own recipes by mixing any of the 250+ foods

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