Paper Pirates vs Vikings Brawl




    Paper Pirates vs Vikings Brawl is a beat em up, smash em style arcade game. The Pirate captain needs your help in the defense of his treasure. This is the initial release with more updates to come in the near future. Challenge your friends to see who can last the longest defending your bounty. Don't let the vikings take it all!

    1.0 Initial release of Paper Pirates vs Vikings Brawl.
    1.1 Small update.
    Auto pick up added
    Call in a Cannon Ball strike to wipe out all of the enemies for 5 keys

    Level 1- Boarded!
    The Vikings are attacking your ship. defend your treasure chest from being pillaged! Beat and bash em up, Defeat and smash the vikings that have boarded your ship from stealing your treasure chest

    Level 2- Captains Quarters Boss Fight!
    Boss fight with an over sized Viking

    Level 3- Stranded Caribbean Beach
    Exploration Level collecting treasure along the beach

    Level 4- Release the Kraken
    Kraken Boss Fight

    joystick is on the left to move your pirate, tap the top right half of screen to shoot, tap the bottom right half of the screen punch. Pick ups and empty your jewels from your bag into your chest by simply walking over them
    Punch and beat up the enemies to take back your treasure. Shoot your musket and destroy these paper fiends.
    Grab torches and set the Vikings on fire
    collect golden keys to unlock brown treasure chests to get upgrades to your pirate. tap the brown chest to unlock a powerup

    STAMINA- reduces amount of taps to get up and raises your defenses
    BAG- lets you carry more jewels and helps when getting hit by enemies
    AMMO- bag lets you carry another musket and fills your ammo
    SPEED- makes your character faster
    ATTACK- hit harder.. the enemies get tougher as the level goes on

    Future Updates
    More levels and styles of gameplay for individual levels.
    daily and weekly event
    challenge your friends

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