There's a new game from Kuma the Bear that anyone can play, ""PATTAP""! The pieces go pitapat as you fold them to solve mind-bending puzzles!

    Hexagon Tower kept watch over the world, but one day, its energy core collapsed! Without a core, Hexagon Tower split into Triangle Tower and Square Tower! The world is falling apart! You must fix the tower!

    Solve the puzzles in the various towers, take the energy core to the top floor, and return the tower to its original form!

    The controls are super simple!
    ・Start at a panel with a number on it, then flip that panel that number of times.
    ・The puzzle is complete when you turn over all the panels.

    Turn over the panels in a limited time to create a staircase that lets you reach the top of the tower.

    Your powers of logic and discernment are the keys to restoring the tower.

    Smoothly flipping panels
    Finding the solution in a flash of insight
    Improving in skill as you play

    Google Play Service achievements are supported.

    -COLOPL, Inc.-

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