Penguin Cafe




    You wanna to run a fast food restaurant ?
    Here is a good chance for you to practise. This a restaurant simulation game with penguin customers. Penguins come in when there are vacant seats and place order for different kinds of dishes. You must react quickly to meet different orders from your from your customers. As you are the master chef in this cafe, you need to prepare all the food from top to buttom including hamburger, hot dog, beverages, french fries .... in time to satisfy your customers,
    otherwise, they will be annoying and impatient with your slow action and even leave the restaurant right away. Manage your time well to avoid over-done of the food, your revenue will be deducted for wastage of raw materials.

    You'll be given $5,000 dollars in the beginning as capital, besides the material cost, you need to pay the daily rent as well. See how well you achieve. Don't let your cafe be in red.

    How to play :

    Simply tap the demo button in start up screen and the whole process of food preparation will be shown.

    Some simple rules below :

    Game modes:

    - Continuous mode and Time mode.

    Ready made food ( Cheese cake, Apple Pie and Donnut ):

    - Tap to select the food and serve customer directly

    Hamburger :

    - Tap to select the hamburger chop
    - Tap frying pan to cook both sides
    - Tap and arrange the bread, hamburger chop, vegetables in a plate in proper order
    - Tap to serve the customer

    Hot Dog :

    - Tap the sausage into sausage grill
    - Prepare the bread in a plate
    - Put the cooked sausage to the bread
    - Put some vegetable, tomato and mustard sauce if necessary

    French Fries

    - Tap the chips
    - Tap to deep fry
    - Put it in a plate and serve

    Beverages :

    - Tap to select the cup
    - Place it to the vending machine
    - In case of coffee, pour in some milk before serving.

    Hope you enjoy this game !

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