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    Published: 2015-01-29, by .

    Roulette gambling and city building genres merged together

    • 3D cartoony graphics
    • Original gameplay
    • Upgrading system
    • Asynchronous battles
    • It'd be nice having bad spinnings
    • Needs to leave more room for strategy

    "Gamble through the Seaven Seas"


    Jelly Button Games' Pirate Kings is either for those who think gambling games need to be spiked or those who think city building needs some random emotion. Pirate Kings brings both genres together and adds a social multiplayer layout that makes it really exciting. Basically, what you have to do is to spin a roulette which will reward you with cash or the chance to defend, steal or attack other online opponents (asynchronously). With that cash you can grow your island by adding new facilities and upgrading the existing ones. Watch out though: you can either attack or be attacked, steal and be robbed too. That means you'll have to make the most of your resources to take over your opponents.


    Three features make Pirate Kings stand out. First, neat and polished cartoony 3D graphics. Second, an innovative gameplay which merges two classic game genres. Finally, its online asynchronous battles.


    There aren't bad spinnings: all are rewards, no handicaps. It'd be nice to add some bad luck elements. Likewise, it needs to leave more room for strategy when it comes to defend the island.

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    Manu Appszoom logo

    by Manu , Appszoom

    Jan 29, 2015


    Ahoy Mateys! Build your island, become a Pirate King and get filthy rich along the way! Start your pirate adventure with pockets full of free gold coins. Spin the wheel to set sail, uncover treasures, battle rival pirates and steal their loot! Drop your anchor in this online multiplayer game and show’em what you’re made of! Destroy other pirates’ islands, plunder riches, seek sweet revenge on your enemies, and expand your pirate empire in this thrilling building games exploit!

    Brace yourselves – The Villain Pirate has Arrived!
    A whole new adventure sets sails, and the seas will never be the same again. Dreadful Red, a nasty new pirate is building an empire near you, which leaves you no choice but one - BOMB HIM! Spin the wheel, collect bombs and destroy Dreadful Red’s islands and ships, before it’s too late! Collect bonus spins, free coins and eternal pirate glory as you wreak havoc to his property and restore peace in the seven seas.

    Spin the wheel and Set Sail!
    The Pirate Kings Wheel is your key to greatness. Spin to win heaps of coins and use them to build your island. Erect structures, grow your fleet and create the paradise island of your dreams. Play online multiplayer games, that also make great kids games, and attack rival islands owned by your Facebook friends or random pirates. Shoot cannons to destroy the scallywags and escape with their fortunes. Protect your island from invasions and dig for gold in this free-to-play building game. Yo ho ho!

    Recruit Pirates to Your Crew
    Once you’ve established your pirate empire with additional islands, you can start recruiting more pirates to your crew. Station them on your paradise islands to plunder and protect your land and earn you more coins. It won’t be long before you run the world! Not bad for a swashbuckling freebooter! But you’ve got to prove your bravery in the online multiplayer games first, so destroy enemy pirates’ islands, shoot cannonballs and get your revenge. Heave Ho!

    Best Pirate Game Quests, Chests & More
    Shiver me timbers! This building game is packed with features that will unleash your competitive pirate spirit. Battle, take revenge and steal to rule the high seas!

    Get the Super Spinner and multiply your coin prizes
    Recruit pirates to work on your paradise islands and they’ll grow your fortune
    Open chests to reveal extra spins and special bonuses
    Go on action-packed pirates quests to win even more and brag to your Facebook friends

    It’s a pirates game like no other!

    Join the Pirates Battle
    Jump aboard with Pirate Kings and join your Facebook friends in one of the best free-to-play pirate adventure games on mobile! It’s competitive, action-packed fun for adults and if you’re looking for kids games, you’ve found one! So put on your pirate adventure hat, grab your sword and build your pirate islands kingdom! Hit the download button to get our addicting games now, raise your sail and snatch your first coin treasure!

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