Pixel Army Free!




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    You are the last squadron of pixels left standing in a war against the evil pixel empire. They have no desire to let you live. Take as many of them with you as you can.

    A twin-stick shooter featuring multiple enemies and an upgrade system to improve your pixels.

    Upgrades (From top left to bottom right):
    Red/Green/Blue increases your affinity to this color making you do more damage to this color.
    Attack Speed increases attack speed.
    Movement Speed increases movement speed.
    Downgrade enemy lowers the power of the next enemy.
    Rerandom enemy selects a new enemy instead of the enemy shown to fight.

    PreGame Upgrades (Bottom left & Bottom Right):
    Double shot for the entirety of the next game you will have two shots instead of one.
    Double health you will start with double the health at the start of the next game.

    Bonus Points:
    Extra points for defeating enemy within time limit
    Extra points for not taking any damage.
    Extra points for not using lock on.
    Extra points for shutting off lock on for the entire game.

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