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    Playing as Fred your task is to discover new alien species and collect artifacts on abandoned planets. To get more species and artifacts you need to use the artifacts you already found to solve puzzles. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic universe. Fred just started working for a mysterious character named Dr. Bastion. He was hired to discover species on five planets. Fred can collect space acorns along his adventure. Space acorns can be spent at Scruffy's Shop for Adventurers. Scruffy sells new ships and suits.

    The demo lets you play the beginning of Planetventure.

    Full Game Features
    • Puzzle solving and platforming using 20 different tools
    • Free roam on five planets all with different climates
    • Customizable controls for touch screen
    • Adventure can be completed in many different paths
    • The characters are fully voiced

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    More Details
    Offline: Yes
    Lightweight: less than 25MB
    Input Methods: touchscreen, keyboard, or gamepad
    Categories: side-scrolling adventure
    Themes: pixel, 2d, alien, puzzles
    Players: singleplayer

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