Poacher Peril




    Fling your bananas to stop the Poachers getting your baby monkeys, they will do anything to outwit you in this fun addictive game.

    About the game :-
    Dangerous poachers are chasing all the monkeys in the jungle.
    Can you help by becoming the Chief Monkey who's job it is to protect all the other Monkeys.
    The monkeys are scared and have all hidden at the top of the trees where they think it is safe.
    Little do they know that the wicked poachers plan to float to the top of the trees with the help of balloons.

    The only way you can stop them is by popping their balloons before they reach the top.
    You must do this by throwing bananas at them while you are climbing the tree.
    Only problem is you only have 15 bananas to start with so you need to make sure every one counts.
    Help is at hand though as every once in a while a bunch of bananas will appear at the top of the top of the tree.
    If you collect these you will gain another ten extra bananas.

    You start the game with 3 Monkeys at the top of the tree to protect. If you let the poachers capture them all the game will be over and you will have failed the monkeys.

    Each time you complete a number of levels you will be able to play the chasing bonus game to help gain bananas for the next level.

    Features within Poacher Peril Include

    40 Fun Filled Levels
    Great on Phones or Tablets
    Addictive gameplay
    Catchy theme tune
    Bonus levels
    High Score Table

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