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    Operate a flying drill whose sole purpose is to mine the world dry. Start off as a little baby drill and grow as you extract resources from the planet. Push off the terrain with your Pogos to collide into one thing after the next like a wrecking ball, or fly where you need to go on jets.

    Pogodrill features 7 unique shapes to choose from which affect your movement and drilling. In addition there are 12 different minerals to collect, and you can use a wide range of sizes for thousands of different combinations.

    Use the Themeing Engine to select from pre-installed resource packs which alter the look and sounds of PogoDrill, or build your own! Incorporate pictures and sounds you make yourself into the game to create a world unique to you. Proud of what you've made? Share it with your friends! Email your themes to your friends so they can play in your world.

    PogoDrill is in active development. There may be bugs in the game, or crashes, but we will do our best to address these issues. Gameplay will change as the code is further developed. After significant changes, the world may be reset to facilitate updates. Please send suggestions, bugs, feedback, or themes using the in-app reporting system.

    If you make any in-app purchases and changes to the game are made that affect this purchase, you will receive just compensation either by reissuing purchased items after updates are made, or if the item you purchased is no longer available, you will receive a new in-app purchase of equal or greater value.

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