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    Get ready for a fun shooting game. You will enjoy the unusual Popcorn Maker app that is not like other Popcorn Maker app games do. This is because the game "Popcorn Maker VS Cowboy"

    **** UPDATE VERSION 1.1: Time Attack Mode ****
    Yeeehaa! Time Attack Mode just arrive. You will be fun in this rush mode. You have to shoot with great accuracy if you want to survive! Prepare your revolvers, ammo, cheese and chili to cook Popcorn!! See how to play new mode below.

    This game app is suitable while waiting movie. You may wait a time for your movie at cinema such as Major Ciniplex and you want to eat some popcorn but you're diet. So you can take your mobile and then play this game. It can help you for fun in that moment

    You will be a cowboy in an era of peace. Everybody have a breakfast on the street with safety. Women can open their bakery all day as they want. Free of any armed conflict, No any Indians, No group of thieves. this is an end of the cowboy era certainly so they had to find a new job. Popcorn Maker app is a nice job that the cowboy who is capable of firing a gun will be able to use his skill again. Popcorn that is made from a gun and olive oil is very good taste. There is an addition benefit of smashing popcorn. It entertains your customers. It will be fun for people who come to see the movie too. But, be careful not to miss a shot for a long time because such customers would not enjoy it if they have to wait long for their popcorns. Hey, Don't worry, We have a chili that will help you to cook all corn seeds. It also has a favorite cheese for customers. You will get double score for them.

    Are you ready for this work, Cowboy? Then yes , do not hesitate to shoot popcorn today as "Popcorn Maker Cowboy".

    Additional Story: More cinemas is coming in this towns so business have to be improved. Cowgirl, bandit and other outlaw is employed to do this work. Making popcorn in 60 seconds is new activity to kill other cinemas. You have more job to do now.

    How to play Classic mode
    - Tap to shot for hitting the corn to cook popcorn. All popcorn must fall in to popcorn bag for getting score.
    - Trying to get a shot on target popcorn. You will lost if time runs out.
    - Shot to hit continuously. You will get so many corn seed.
    - Fired chili will smash all the corn into popcorn . Sounds good, right? So do not missing.
    - The cheese will become plain popcorn to season cheese and then you get 2xScore.
    - End of game, you will see a summary score, Number of bags of popcorn that you can made, and accuracy. You can share with your friends via Facebook it! Do not forget to invite your friends to play exaggerated anyway .

    How to play Time Attack mode
    - Still tap to shoot corn seeds but with appropriate level.
    - All targets are the same in Classic mode.
    - Every popcorn bag you can do means +3 seconds.
    - This mode will make more fun and suitable to challenge with your friends.

    - This popcorn maker app game is suitable for kids.
    - The game is easy to play. Just simply by tapping the corn seeds, chili or cheese. That's all.
    - What is your targets
      1. Corn seed - shooting to score and fill the bag.
      2. Chili - Bomb whole corn seed at that moment.
      3. Cheese - Game come into Cheese Time. You can get double score at this time.
      4. Giant corn seed- Shoot the popcorn spread out .
    - Store Hi-Score for you.
    - Share score to friends via Facebook .

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