Precision Driving Pro




    Precision Driving Pro is a car driving simulator that features also possibilty to get out of the car and walk down the streets of the city. This is a continuation of my succesful game series Precision Driving 3D and Precision Driving 3D 2.
    Get in control of your car using real on screen steering wheel for driving, brake and acceleration pedal. There is also gear shift to drive your car forward or backwards.

    Complete levels by driving past all the checkpoints in the streets. Watch your hits limits (beware of touching cones). There is also a time limit for each level.

    You may gain additional time by collecting time reset points and increase your hits limit but you must get to those points on foot.

    This will give you a great combination of walking or running and driving!

    * car driving experience as seen in popular car or truck parking games
    * each level is ramdomly generated so there is potentially unlimited hours of driving fun!
    * enjoy the realistic on-screen controls

    Are you a fan of parking games? If you want to try something different than parking cars then parking buses or maybe parking trucks or heavy trucks, this is for you! Of course parking games are cool but let's do some driving for a change.
    Show your driving skills be fast and agile!