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    QCat -Toddler's Dinosaur Park Puzzle Game (free)

    Wow!! Prehistoric fossil? Am I back to the Jurassic or Cretaceous? There are so many dinosaurs! Look! Distant volcanos is erupting!! Roar together with dinosaurs now!!!

    "QCat -Toddler's Dinosaur Park Puzzle Game" is a interactive jigsaw game for kids and toddlers from ages 1-6 . It's funny, colorful and beautiful for little baby.

    This jigsaw game has 4 native scene themes, and 16 dino piece mode puzzles.
    Each theme has 2 play mode (inlay mode and piece mode) and introduces 4 dinosaurs.

    Each Inlay mode puzzle has with 4 random dinosaurs.
    When finish the puzzle, kids click the picture, they can learn the dino's name.

    Each piece mode puzzle has 2 level (2x2 and 3x3) and 3 cutting form (random choice every time). When the jigsaw is completed, the kid is rewarded with the happy sound and candy rain on the screen, let the kid to get it .

    This app include 4 scenes, each scene has below dinosaurs:
    Scene 1 (rock mountain, free): Apatosaurus, Camarasaurus, Ceratosaurus, Corythosaurus
    Scene 2 (volcano, free): Dilophosaurus, dino egg, Dyoplosaurus, Kentrosaurus

    =====below part need purchase to unlock and remove ads by USD 0.99 (one time pay)====
    Scene 3 (grassland, payment): Miragaia, Parasaurolophus, Pteranodon, Stegosaurus
    Scene 4 (river, payment): Styracosaurus, Talaruru, Triceratops, ITRex

    It could give your child more fun all the time. Besides, it can help to develop cognitive skill, visual spatial skills, shape recognition, tactile skill, and fine motor skill.

    This App is designed to please the kids or cheer the children up. We wish kids feeling fun or happy by this one.
    Of course, we also hope that the App can be used as teaching material in the parent-child interaction time. Parents can play with their toddlers, teach them the name of each dinosaur, click the dinosaurs together. We hope every family could establish a good parent-child learning mode.

    This is a free APP, which has ads in it.
    We have confirmed these ads are safe and legal, and do not read any personal privacy or tracking any information.
    If you do not want to see any ads, please don't install this APP. Do not give us poor evaluation because of the advertising. Thanks!!

    "Qcat APP" is a succession of applications that created for baby, toddler, preschool children and any kid. These interactive games have lot of educational value and fun. They are free(with ads) or just cost you US $0.99(no ads). You spend just little to help kids get some knowledge ( learning the animal, fruit, number, color, shape,...etc.). These are nice for all family, the best games during parent-child time.
    Welcome to download our APP, and give us some review.
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