Quasi's Quest!




    *****What the reviews say:

    "Nowadays most mobile games are just plain boring, because they tend to use the same mechanic all over again, which to be honest is very frustrating and you won’t like at all. Thankfully, games like Quasi's Quest manage to ramp up the formula quite nicely!", 9/10

    "Quasi’s Quest excels at being a fun and engaging offering that can literally keep you entertained for as long as you want. The fact that it combines so many different styles of gameplay makes this one a real stand-out. " App Picker

    "Quasi’s Quest is both challenging and addictive and won’t leave your mind for a while. Keeping in mind that this has a really good retro-style theme and great replayability makes it all the more better." The Apple Google, 4.5/5

    "I am impressed by the style of the game in that each level is different and has its own style. Most games now are just the same thing over and over with different objects in the way or just faster gameplay to make it harder. But this game went further and changed how each level was played and looked. I really like that a lot." Dragon Shield, 4/5

    • Fight your way through the village by defeating the henchmen
    • Ride your horse across a challenging forest
    • Jump on floating logs and turtles to navigate your way across the moat
    • Scale and fight your way over the castle walls
    • Defeat what lurks in the bell tower
    • Collect the keys and work your way through the castle
    • Sneak through the dungeons to reach the lair.
    • Defeat the troll and rescue Princess Gabrielle.