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    Published: 2017-03-03, by .

    A fast-paced game for those who have great math skills

    • Great for the mind
    • Easy to learn but harder than it seems
    • For all ages
    • Graphics could be enhanced

    "Quick Math!"


    Quick Ops is a fast-paced and educational math game that is perfect for both kids and adults. The game helps you practise your math and decision-making skills in a simple way: match the number on the cannon to the one above. When that happens, the box will be destroyed, so you need to do that as many times as possible.

    How to play? Select the correct operator (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and swipe the ball left. Remember that you must do this quickly, as there are time limitations. Think fast and act even faster. Also, keep in mind that the number on the cannon can't be below zero or above 100 and that there are some operations that can't be performed (like dividing by zero). If your cannon gets hit (by making the wrong moves) three times, the game will be over.


    The game is perfect for training your math skills and learning how to make calculations fast and effectively. The tutorial is complete and detailed, so you start the game knowing all there is to know about. It's ideal for playing when waking up and before going to bed at night, as it works as a brain training exercise.


    Even though the game is fun and great for the mind, the graphics aren't at the same level. The game would become much more remarkable if the design was a bit more polished and professional-looking.

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    Mar 03, 2017

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