Rainbow Donut Cake Maker Chef




    Welcome to the best donut shop, a place where you can make some delicious and out of the box creations Bake the donut cake like the heart has been melt into colors of rainbow & galaxy. Cook sweet warm donut glazed with rainbow & galaxy creams with out of the world designs and decorations to amaze everyone. Make sweet and delicious donut with this donut rainbow cake bakery cooking game. Make various combinations of rainbow donuts & galaxy donut cakes. You can also do creative DIY decorations & present your donut for any special occasion in your rainbow desserts bakery. Try to mix different colors f cough creams to create unique and magic rainbow desserts.
    Game Menu:
    Rainbow Donut Cake
    Galaxy Donut Cake
    DIY Donuts
    Product Features:
    Super fun food making game with real life donut cake recipe.
    Yummy rainbow donuts with amazing rainbow sprinkles and add-ons.
    Delicious out of the box galaxy donuts with amazing galaxy & milkyway sprinkles
    Customized DIY donuts making art using tons of realistic cooking tools like donut mold, mixer, oven knife & so much more.
    Interactive controls to create unique & colorful donuts and donut cakes.

    Open your own rainbow desserts bakery in your mobile device & Enjoy this best donut maker game with a unique theme, make donut and learn the art of cooking donut cakes & donut cooking in real life.

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