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    Real airplane flight simulator is realistic 3D flight simulation for beginner level aviators. Start as rookie learner pilot in this airplane 3d flight simulation aviation game. Choose Boeing airplane parked in airport hangar near helicopter helipad. Give 3D airplane throttle and run the airbus a321 on runway stripe and pull the control gear to fly your major private jet. Fly your Boeing a321 3D aircraft on the way point on navigation route by the arrows. Passenger reached to airport in taxi and vehicles, their baggage cross clearance and all custom checking. They passenger wants to travel in this private airplane to some new destination in 3D airplane. Take them across sea, over mountain or through skyscraper buildings in the 3d city air fighter jet challenge. Dont destroy objective missions with planes, Fly like a plane hero landing expert.

    Give precise airbus throttle and take off your commercial air plane from fleet runway in this flight 3D steering airborne. Fasten your seatbelt in navy cockpit give throttle to airplane control propeller, rudder and flaps of your airliner on airport runway stripe. Fly this aeroplane infinite in the sky horizon in free roam mode. 12 Missions based game race with time and combat with aerial obstacles before timer goes off. Steer handle and propeller, rudder use your navigation meter to keep on track you can’t glide this airbus airliner on autopilot. Control tower issued clearance to your Airbus Boeing A321 aeroplane gets ready to take-off .

    Air Jet Hawk had seen airbus airliner like Avion, Boeing, Embrar, Cirrus, and Airbuses airborne over your house and city. Get adrenaline rush with infinite aviation experience in this flying simulation. No autopilot facility in this plane so keep your eyes on track. It’s simple retro style flying airplane simulator. Don’t crash your flight jet in city helicopter and chopper parked on airport hanger and helipad. It’s a non-combat flight simulator for takeoff and landing Boeing aircraft aviator aircrack fly hawk.

    Mayday! Mayday! Land your commercial aircraft combat carefully doesn't crash it during missions. Fly over battle carrier over Pacific Ocean military helicopters. Fly safer in airbus cockpit view don’t crash the airliner as skillfully aviator handle, rudder and spoilers for safe landing back to land as.

    All age youngsters, teen can enjoy playing this challenging game.


    - Free game and mission base challenges
    - Challenging 12 level missions navigate through aerial hurdles, rings in this flyer simulator
    - Cockpit and outer camera views for getting best position in this simulation
    - Fasten your seatbelt in cockpit and enjoy FREE mode
    - Full control of the rudder and spoilers
    - An Awesome journey through different environments
    - Wonderful realistic graphics to enhance gaming experience
    - High quality background sounds

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