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    Real Boxing Stars is an interesting game for boxing lovers.The hottest action boxing game hits on store now!!! If you are reliable in fighting love to fight so strong and fearless to face the real competitors you are going to love this very addictive game. Real 3D Boxing Star is essential of perfectly set physics of great paired 3D Boxer model. Champions aren't born, they are made. Real boxing is a sport fights game. Use your arms to beating your opponent. You can poke, cross or punch. Move about the ring and dodge all your enemy hits. Progression yourself at the gym and rehearsal your power moves because you will need it. Try to hit your enemy at the correct distance to make the most powerful damage. You can also avoid your opponent movements just by covering yourself. In this kind of unfamiliar fights your quickness and stability are a must. Every boxer in the city would like to fight with you. You have only 3 rounds to beat your enemy before the time is up. Remember that your speed moving around the ring is essential. In every fight you will attack your opponent and at the same time you have to secure yourself if you want to be alive.
    Real Boxing stars is a complete game it will surely make you addictive because of its enormous amount of challenges.
    Feel the real experience of boxing as you are in the boxing ring.
    Real Boxing stars is the warmest real-time fighting games. Install this fight games and surprise your boxing personality at this fighting night, be a fighting hero and win the fight night boxing champion in the fight final. With the true 3D models and magnificent 3D sound, makes you feel that as you are watching real boxing live stream just in the boxing match. Fighting real boxing star game real-time 3d fighting games in the market which offers a genuine and great quality experience. With the accurate models, we confirm you will be addicted in this stimulating boxing stars games for android smartphones.

    Game Features:

    ü Real Boxing Stars consist of 07 boxers from different countries.
    ü - Real Boxing Stars involves of 3 rounds, each round of 60 Seconds.
    ü Great Graphics great controls great levels and highly addictive game.
    ü Best graphics, great gathering, great music.

    How To Play

    ü Swipe on screen. Right Swipe will allow you to use left punch. Left swipe will allow you to use right punch. Upper swipe will emit an uppercut and down swipe will work as defensing cover.
    ü Make assured your green energies line is full.

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