Red Riding Hood




    Today, it would be especially interesting on the Fairytales Clearing. Our friends gather around the fire and tell each other fairytales and funny stories. Now, it is the turn of Hippy who likes to add modern elements to classical fairytales. This time she is going to tell well known Fairytale The Little Red Riding Hood. To make the story more interesting, Hippy has changed it a bit. She will tell us about different city blocks, funny parties, dance battles, big mischieves and real friendship. This story is "Red Bandana and Green Dragon". Do you ready to hear what happened just yesterday? Our interactive fairy tale invites you and your child in the world of exciting adventures.

    Ohhh yeah! This is next episode of long awaited Fairytales with Hippo, and you can download it absolutely for free. Time zips along, and it is really boring for the child only to listen fairytales even such interesting and useful stories as The Little Red Riding Hood. Children want to be the heroes themselves. They would like to change it and help heroes. That`s why we create such series like Fairytales. For our little curious heroes, well-known old fairy-tale was changed by adding modern elements. It is interactive fairytale, the main hero is Red Bandana instead of Red-Riding Hood. And who is this modern Red-Riding Hood? Of course this is our beloved Hippo! Modern bad Mischief Green Dragon would be her enemy, and not an old fashioned Grey Wolf.

    Let the new adventures begin! Try our new game. Interactive Fairytale, Red Bandana and Green Dragon is absolutely for free. Let us have fun together with your child! Stay tuned and stay with us. Free educational games with Hippo will always delight you and your children.

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