Reversi Queen(Reversi)




    Is a classic strategy board game is " Reversi " .
    Reversi is the world -famous game as an alias " Othello " .
    Anyone is a game that knows the rules so you will be immediately started .
    Difficulty is a 17 stage . You can enjoy from beginner to advanced .
    Please enjoy Reversi Queen -depth full-fledged Reversi while simple .

    If you set the character of both CPU in black numbers and Shiroban you can watch the opposite station of the CPU to each other .
    Rather than the difference of simple strength , since each each character will strike at different thinking algorithm , depending on deployment there is also when the lower level of the CPU will win in the upper level of the CPU.

    If you set both "human" in the black numbers and Shiroban enables PvP . Please feel free to opposite station with friends and family .

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